Physarum robustum Ditmar

Number of records: 1.
Seasonal occurance: A single record from January.
Substrate: On a moss covered fallen conifer trunk.
Habit: Gregarious to scattered.
Plasmodium: Not seen.
Sporocarp: Sessile and stalked sporocarps up to 1.5mm tall and short plasmodiocarps.
Hypothallus: Inconspisuous, brown.
Stalk: Where present, fairly thick, pale brown above and almost black below, about 50% of the total heigh of stalked sporocarps, furrowed.
Sporotheca: Pale grey, 0.6mm across and up to 3mm long when plasmodoicarpus, coated in white lime scales except near the stalk. Dehiscence irregular.
Columella: Absent.
Capillitium: Of thin colourless tubes connection white lime nodes forming an open net. The lime nodes often tapering at each end.
Spores: Spore mass dark brown. Spores 11-12um in diameter, finely warted.
Notes: The stalked sporocarps were on wood whereas the sessile and plamodiocarpus forms were on moss.