Arcyria denudata Fr.

Number of records: 20.
Seasonal occurance: From May through to December but most frequently in June and July.
Substrate: On fallen trunks and branches.
Habit: Fruitings range from small scattered groups to occurences where densely packed sporocarps extend for over 600mm.
Plasmodium: White.
Sporocarp: Stalked, 1.5 to 3mm tall. Up to 5mm tall after dehiscence.
Hypothallus: Pale brown to red-brown, usually common to the whole group.
Stalk: Stalk 0.5 to 1mm tall, red-brown, often darker at the base where it widens into the hypothallus.
Sporotheca: Bright red to brick-red, up to 2mm tall before dehiscence, apex and base rounded. The peridium remaining as a shallow cup.
Columella: Absent.
Capillitium: Made of red branching and anastamosing threads with few free ends, 3-5um across. Ornamented with transverse rings, cogs and ridges, sometimes arranged in rows, less prominant towards the basal cup. The capillitium is firmly attached to the basal cup.
Spores: Spore mass deep red to brick-red. Spores 6.5-8um in diameter, no obvious ornamentation visible, even under oil immersion.
Notes: The most common species of the Genus and one of the most common Myxomycete in Clyne Wood.